mercredi 24 octobre 2012


1813 It was a very bad year

Masséna fait son numéro chez les Helvètes, les Russes eux ne se laissent pas faire...

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Schrumpfkopf a dit…

Yes finally I get to comment on these. Nice finds at any rate - I'd love to have high resolution scans if possible :--)

C. von Grumpy a dit…

Hang on, let me talk to my Man In Berlin ;o)
Oh by the way "retreating French"not fair me thinks; how about some real Marie louise baby faced froggies in baggy trousers having a go at some equally baby faced Landwher, Ach life was fun before they invented Northern Soul ;o)
Yours with the sincerity pills.
C. von Grumpy live from his Estates.

Phil a dit…

Très jolies cartes!